My King tried our game

We received the honor of having Dutch king Willem Alexander try our VR game. We developped the racing game specifically for a disabled guy whose dream it was to race. But his brain aneurysm wouldn’t allow that to happen easily.
We found out about his case by watching a news item on the prospective client for our school project, which included a short interview with Johan. So the four of us (Weikie Yeh, Valentinas Rimeika, Miso Finne and me) took it on us to make something special for him. As fresh second year students, we went all out in informing ourselves of VR design heuristics, racing game considerations and all that other sweet techno babble. After 12 weeks in total, and with a little help from graphic artist and co-student Nieck de Graaff on the sweet car texture, this was the end result.

I got a chance to give the king a quick intro to our project and it was good to be able to point out how video games can be so much more in front of such an audience. We’re thinking of offering a download to our playable project soon, I’ll update accordingly when that happens.